Shipwrights 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

A Shipwrights’ Guild is a kind of Town Building. It can be developed in any seaside city that does not now belong to the Lizardmen and has no different prerequisites. The Shipwrights’ Guild is the first shape that can produce Ships – specifically, Triremes. It is consequently fundamental to have at least one city with a Shipwrights’ Guild in order to expand to different continents – assuming you have no right of entry to different techniques of getting troops throughout the water. Many races additionally want the Shipwrights’ Guild for constructing large vessels and/or for the eventual development of the Merchants’ Guild.


Shipwrights 5e

The Shipwrights’ Guild is a workshop offering an area for boat-builders to congregate and assemble mild boats. With concerted efforts, the shipwrights gathered right here can construct a small however beneficial transport ship known as the Trireme, which can ferry different devices throughout the water and furnish some naval strength.

The construction seems to be a small boat hangar with a quick timber pier extending in the front of it. Naturally, this construction can solely be built in a city that has got admission to a physique of water, so that the pier can prolong into the water and enable boats to dock.

All Races in the sport besides the Lizardmen have to get entry to the Shipwrights’ Guild. Lizardmen have no use for this structure, as they are pretty successful of swimming on their very own – and as a result, do now not use ships. All different races require ships for transportation throughout Oceans.

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Perception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Carpenter’s tools, vehicles (water)

Shipwrights’ Guilds can solely be developed in cities that are at once adjoining to a Shore tile. Even cities one tile away from the shore can’t construct Shipwrights’ Guilds nor any of the constructions unlocked with the aid of them.

A city requires no different Town Buildings in order to create a Shipwrights’ Guild – it is reachable for development as quickly as a city becomes successful in producing anything.

A Shipwrights’ Guild is one of the two factors required for setting up a ShipYard – supplying the primary infrastructure for development and docking. The different issue is the Sawmill, which presents brilliant timber planks for greater superior ship-building. The ShipYard will become reachable solely as soon as constructions are existing in a town.

The Shipwrights’ Guild unlocks one unit – the Trireme – for any race that can assemble this building. It presents no different units, fashionable or race-specific.


d6Sea’s Influence
1Grand Designs: You are working on plans and schematics for a new, very fast ship. You must examine as many different kinds of vessels as possible to help ensure the success of your design.
2Solid and Sound: You patched up a war gallery and prevented it from sinking. The local navy regards you as a friend.
3Favored: You insisted on thicker planking for a merchant vessel’s hull, which saved it from sinking when it smashed against a reef. You have a standing invitation to visit the merchant’s distant mansion.
4Master of Armaments: You specialized in designing and mounting defenses for the navy. You easily recognize and determine the quality of such items.
5Low Places: You have contacts in the smuggling outfits along the coast, you occasionally repear the criminals’ ships in exchange for coin and favors.
6Mysteries of the Deep: You experienced as encounter with possibly divine being while sailing alone. Work with your DM to determine the secret about the deep waters of the sea that this entity revealed to you.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I love talking and being heard more than I like to listen.
2I’m extremely fond of puzzles.
3I thrive under pressure.
4I love sketching and designing objects, especially boats.
5I’m not afraid of hard work-in fact, I prefer it.
6A pipe, an ale, and the smell of the sea; paradise.
7I have an endless supply of cautionary tales related to the sea.
8I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.


1Crew: If everyone on deck pitches in, we’ll never sink. (Good)
2Careful Lines: A ship must be balanced according to the laws of the universe. (Lawful)
3Invention: Make what you need out of whatever is at hand. (Chaotic)
4Perfection: To measure a being and find it lacking is the greatest disappointment. (Evil)
5Reflection: Muddled water always clears in time. (Any)
6Hope: The horizon at sea holds the greatest promise.


1I must visit all the oceans of the world and behold the shops that sail there.
2Much of the treasure I claim will be used to enrich my community.
3I must find a kind of wood rumored to possess magical qualities.
4I repair broken things to redeem what’s broken in myself.
5I will craft a boat capable of sailing through the most dangerous of storms.
6A kraken destroyed my masterpiece; its teeth shall adorn my hearth.


1I don’t know when to throw something away. You never know when it might be useful again.
2I get frustrated to the point of distraction by shoddy craftsmanship.
3Though I am an excellent crafter, my work tends to look as though it belongs on a ship.
4I am so obsessed with sketching my ideas for elaborate inventions that I somtimes forget little things like eating and sleeping.
5I’m judgemental of those who are not skilled with tools of some kind.
6I sometimes take things that don’t belong to me, especially if they are very well made.

The Trireme is a fundamental vessel, used mainly for transportation. It can elevate up to two Walking gadgets at a fairly good rate and can be used both for crossing a physique of water or for rapid journey alongside the shoreline (instead of sending the gadgets on foot overland). It has negative flight capabilities.

There is regularly little incentive to construct a Shipwrights’ Guild early on – until your beginning city is removed from the relaxation of the world. Once the quintessential to scout or increase emerges, pick out a seaside city with excessive  Production to serve as a naval port and assemble your Shipwrights’ Guild there. This city will be accountable for the manufacturing of all ships, and will probably improve the Shipwrights’ Guild into a Ship Yard or even a Maritime Guild if available, later in the game.


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