Staff of the Magi 5e: Full Guide for Players & DMs

The staff of the magi 5e is one of the legendary magic items and it is used to cast some incredibly powerful spells. This particular one can deflect spells with it by observing the energy and it creates charges which can be used to cast some very potent spells.

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The Staff of the Magi 5e

The staff can be wielded as one of the magic quarterstaffs that grants plus two bonuses to attack and then damage rolls are made with it, suppose while you hold it you will gain a +2 bonus to spell the attack rolls.

Power of Magi

The staff of the magi 5e has a number of abilities with permanent and others that require charges. The spell resistance has the capacity to bear with the lower spells in order to absorb the energy to add more charges. Suppose if the charges exceeded 50 or the bearer does so it will break and explode the powerful magical burst.

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Spell absorption

The advantage of saving the throws against the spell is you made deflect a spell that targets only you. Sometimes when you do so the staff will gain charges which is equal to the spell level and if you would put the staff overflow 50 charges the staff will explode. Here there is a number of spells which has been put into action and it will have the complete spell casting ability in the staff of the magi 5e.

Recreating the strike

In this process, you can break the staff into two to create a magical explosion and break it that fills the 30-foot sphere. It has a 50% of chance which will help you to teleport into a different plane of existence and you can protect yourself from the blast, sometimes the force damage is equal to 16 which is multiplied by the number of charges in the staff.

Charge spells

Creating a burning sphere deals with a pretty modest product that damages the creatures in order to fail their dex save or with the success. It is one of the concentration spells which will be very much great to move it around with some bonus action and you can turn it potentially with more targets. Some of the other creatures with a radius of DC 17 will check to take the damage based on the resistance from the blast origin and it will be successfully safe which creates only half damage. The magic item that can be attuned by wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, and any of these classes will create a great candidate to wield all of this power. Realistically warlocks can use the extra spell slot which want to be able to use their cast warlock spells and which is one of the great ways to make them feel like full casters in the more traditional way. Mainly this access will have some amount of spell which means that sorcerer can focus by using the sorcery points for Metamagic instead of spending half an hour to create the amount of spell which is needed.

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