Sunbeam 5e (5th edition)

Sunbeam 5e: A beam of brilliant light flashes out from your hand during a 5-foot-wide, 60-foot-line. Each creature within the line must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 6d8 radiant damage and is blinded until your next turn.

Until the Sunbeam 5e spell ends you’ll create a replacement line of radiance like your action on any turn. For the duration, a mote of brilliance radiance will shine in your hand. But during a 30-foot radius, it’ll shed the brilliant light and for a further 30 feet, it’ll give dim light. This is often the daylight.

But on a successful save the creature will take half as much as damage and it’ll not be blinded by this Sunbeam 5e spell. On this saving throw, the undead and oozes will have some disadvantages.

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Sunbeam 5e

For the Duration, a mote of brilliant radiance shines in your hand. It sheds bright light during a 30-foot radius and dim light for a further 30 feet. The sunshine is sunlight.

  • Level: 6 (Evocation)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S, M*
  • Range(area):  Self (60-feet line)
  • Attack(save): CON save
  • Damage(effect): Radiant
  • School: Evocation
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

There are some FAQ’s

Q1: If you solid Sunbeam, do you get the primary beam withinside the equal spherical you solid the spell?

Ans: Unfortunately, you do now no longer get a loose beam. As it says, you need to spend a general motion to create the beam.

Q2: Is Sunbeam’s beam taken into consideration sunlight, for the functions of Sunlight Hypersensitivity?

Ans: Sunlight Hypersensitivity (SHS) best triggers whilst Vampires begin their flip in sunlight. This approaches that RAW, SHS best responds to environmental conditions.

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