Tabaxi 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

Wherever your journey takes place, the Tabaxi continually comes from someplace some distance away. They’re supposed to be wanderers, touring the right here and now out of curiosity and wanderlust. Tabaxi lifestyles in their far away fatherland are tribalistic and simple, the place they are content material with their shopper deity, The Cat Lord. However, their god blesses them with an innate curious nature that compels them to explore. Tabaxi you meet alongside your adventures are all really on a walkabout, following their curiosity to anywhere it takes them. Because of this, it is effortless to work them into the forgotten nation-states or any different marketing campaign setting.

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Tabaxi 5e

Tabaxi put a lot of emphasis on stories. They admire gold and trinkets as a good deal as the subsequent race, however, what they’re clearly after is the stories. The story of the daring dungeon delving is way extra vital than the proper treasure at the dungeon’s end. This is the place a lot of their chaotic nature comes in, as they shall probably be up for something if they suppose it’s going to make for a thrilling adventure.

Tabaxi Stats

  • Tag(s): Tabaxi
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Size: Medium

General Information

  • Favored Terrain: Jungles
  • Favored Climate: Warm
  • Language(s): Common, Tabaxi
  • Homeland(s): Nexal, Maztica
  • Average Lifespan: Same as humans
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Activity Cycle: Any
  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Patron Deity: Cat lord, Tezca, Nula


  • Eye color(s): Green, Yellow
  • Hair color(s): Yellow to red
  • Average weight: 200 – 250lbs
  • Average Height: 6′ – 7′

Tabaxi curiosity can come in a lot of forms, and that offers you a plethora of personal alternatives and convenient introductions into marketing campaign settings. Tabaxi has robust, however fleeting obsessions that can without difficulty line up with the subsequent leg of the adventure. Is the journey about war a demon lord? Boom, your new Tabaxi persona has emerged as obsessed with fiends. Is the journey about getting better a long-lost relic? Guess what your Tabaxi’s best fixation is. Some people like to play them as having a chaotic alignment to account for this fixation.

Tabaxi Names

  • Tabaxi Names: Cloud on the Mountaintop (Cloud), Five Timber (Timber), Jade Shoe (Jade), Left-Handed Hummingbird (Bird), Seven Thundercloud (Thunder), Skirt of Snakes (Snake), Smoking Mirror (Smoke)
  • Tabaxi Clans: Bright Cliffs, Distant Rain, Mountain Tree, Rumbling River, Snoring Mountain

Tabaxi is described extremely generically as “catfolk” and there is a precise cause for that. Everything below the large definition of “cat” is ripe for you to play within your personality layout of these tomcat humanoids.

Lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, housecats, bobcats, pumas, panthers, or jaguar-Esque characters are all at your fingertips.

5e races are templates, they’re 90% completed thoughts and they’ve left all the exciting customization selections open for you. What is the color of your fur? The size of your whiskers? How about the size of your tail? Are you fluffy and poofed up? Or are you sleeker and properly groomed? What about your claws? Are they retractable claws? What about your eyes? Do they raise a weapon that looks, or do they name a claw? There’s so much area right here to work with on the look on my own past, a general “cat”.

Tabaxi Obsessions

D8 My Curiosity Is Currently Fixed On
1a god or planar diety
2a monster
3a lost civilization
4a wizard’s secret
5a mundane item
6a magic item
7a location
8a legend or tale


D8My curiosity is currently fixed on...
1A god or planar entity
2A monster
3A lost civilization
4A wizard's secrets
5A mundane item
6A magic item
7A location
8A legend or tale

Tabaxi D&D 5th Edition 5e Race

Make a leopard ranger who’s sparkling from the desolate tract and prowls the town outskirts, suspicious of civilization like it was once a hazardous beast. Make an alley-cat rogue whose patchy fur and flea-bitten itch belies a deft claw and unparalleled sleight of hand. Or make a smug tiger barbarian, wonderful in orange and black stripes and equipped to tear his opponents down with his naked claws. This stuff writes itself, and it is a brilliant innovative canvas that solely takes a little innovative spark.

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