The Dhampir in DnD 5e: A Hunger Within

There are three key things to keep in mind when you create an article like this, and the first is: what’s your goal? In the case of my blog post, I want to spark a conversation about my campaign. The second thing I want to cover is how it’s going for you (an update on how it’s doing so far). The third thing would be any final thoughts and/or advice for people reading this overall. That said, here goes:


The Dhampir 5e

My dhampir 5e campaign is going swimmingly! So far, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from players who enjoyed reading the rules document that was included with my character sheet. I’ve also had a lot of constructive feedback from players who have enjoyed the story that was written in the document, as well as more than a few who have asked me to write more background lore stories and expand upon the information found within.

The game itself is going great! It’s not a typical campaign, because I didn’t want one. The game is very involved in the storyline and I think it really helps to really immerse players into the characters’ lives and psyches. There are some instances where characters are on edge during this game, especially when one or more of their contacts/friends/lovers has been taken away from them.

What is Dhampir 5e?  

Dhampir is an OSR-style fantasy role-playing game, set in an original fantasy world. It features a new magic system based on the concept of Dharakia, which allows for some very cool and unique effects to be performed. Additionally, we have a series of character creation documents that are made to help create new characters as well as present some background lore. The first document was released on October 18th, 2017, with the rest being added throughout the last few months.

The Why

To begin developing this game I began with a series of rules questions and then subsequently wrote a response to each one. I then decided to write a background story for one of the characters and decided to continue that story throughout the campaign. I have since posted an updated character sheet and lore document, along with an overview of the world. When I was in high school, I was obsessed with World of Darkness games, tabletop RPGs, and urban fantasy novels. My interest in those genres led me to develop my own game using the 7E ruleset. That game eventually grew into dhampir 5e

The Story

Dhampir is a living nightmare for young women in a village known as Dharakia. It takes place in a dark fantasy world where magic is not common but there are those who can wield it. The game is set in a time when a young girl is called upon by her village to become its protector.

The Game Rules

Dhampir 5e  follows new rules set called Dharakia. The goal of this system is to provide the DM with tools that make it easier to engage their players by balancing both resource management and combat between their actions and those of their enemies. This system allows for some very cool effects that never would be possible using only one system of rules.

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