The Owlin Race in DnD 5e: Strixhaven’s Newest Additions

This article gives detail about how to play an Owlin Character in DnD 5e. This race is playable by any type of Class.

The Owlin Race in DnD 5e

The races’ ability Scores are different from normal races and it has a few inherent traits that players should be aware of before choosing one to play as. Owlins are a race in Dungeons and Dragons that was first introduced in the book “Lost Mines of Phandelver” published by Wizards Of The Coast, which is written for Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition (D&D).

What is Owlin Race in D&D? 

Owlin is magical creatures that resemble tall, thin humanoids with the head of an owl. Three times the length of a human, with great beaks and wings, they stand six feet tall. As owlins live in deep woods inhabited by elves and other magical beings, their appearance is strange and enigmatic to many races.

Playing as an Owlin: A Human Wizard/Sorcerer Summoner Character

Owlin has high Charisma scores (18 + Int modifier), which grants them an advantage on Charisma-based skills checks. They are proficient in all the arts (Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Nature, and Perception).

Owlin is quite nimble and has a flying speed of 40 feet. They tend to land gently on their feet, after a long drop. They can only use weapons that are light, due to their thin build, so they gain Proficiency in Rapier and Short Sword (also any weapon with the Finesse feature).

Owlins have a wide vision and can see very well in dim light, so they don’t suffer a disadvantage with ranged weapon attacks at short range (65ft) or suffer a disadvantage on Perception checks when they can’t see other creatures clearly. Owlin also gains proficiency in Perception checks at short range (130ft) at night while they have Darkvision.

Owlin Race in D&D 5e: Level and Proficiency Advancement

Owlins can fly at their base movement speed and can hover while doing so as long as they are not carrying anything. They are able to attack while flying but must use a bonus action to land first. When they reach the 11th level, they gain a Fly speed of 50 feet.

Owlin is naturally very affectionate and compassionate beings, so all Owlin gain the ability to speak with all animals with the ability to understand them at will.

When an Owlin Race in DnD 5e reaches 3rd level it gains the ability to cast spells using their Charisma modifier instead of their normal ones (Wisdom for Clerics, Intelligence for Wizards). They are able to prepare new spells when they reach the 9th level, instead of the 5th. A owlin must be at least 3rd level with at least 1 spell slot of each level to prepare a spell. For example, a 7th-level wizard can prepare one 7th-level and two 8th-level spells.

Owlin Racial Traits The Owlin race has the following traits that it inherits from its parent races (D&D 3e PHB page 182). Ability Score Increase: +2 Dexterity Age: Owlin reaches maturity in their mid-teens and lives up to 150 years.

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