Tree Stride 5e Spell in D&D

Tree stride, also called pass plant, was a conjuration or alteration spell that allowed the caster to enter a tree then teleport to a foreign tree of a similar type, and repeat for the duration of the spell.

This spell was an improvement on the plant door spell, allowing the caster to not only step inside a tree but also jump to other similar trees within range. Upon entering the primary tree, the caster immediately knew the situation of all other acceptable trees within the range of the spell. that they had to be alive, of a similar type (oak, maple, pine, etc.), and large enough to contain the caster altogether dimensions. The caster then had the selection of teleporting to at least one of the candidate trees, staying hidden inside the primary tree, or stepping back out. If a jump was made, then the process might be repeated, from tree to tree, as repeatedly because the caster had experience levels.

Tree Stride 5e Spell


Tree Stride 5E Spell

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V S
  • Duration: Up to 1 minute
  • Classes: Druid, Ranger

Tree Stride 5e Spell

You gain the power to enter a tree and move from inside it to inside another tree of an equivalent kind within 500 feet. Both trees must be living and a minimum of a similar size to you. you want to use 5 feet of movement to enter a tree. You instantly know the situation of all other trees of an equivalent kind within 500 feet and, as a part of the move wont to enter the tree, can either pass into one among those trees or exit of the tree you’re in. You appear during a spot of your choice within 5 feet of the destination tree, using another 5 feet of Movement. If you’ve got no movement left, you appear within 5 feet of the tree you entered.

In this spell, you’ve got to realize the power which can cause you to enter into the tree and also cause you to move from the within of it to the inner side of another tree with an equivalent kind but it needs within 500 feet. The trees which you’ve got chosen must be an equivalent size and therefore the same living.

To enter one Tree Stride 5e you want to use 5 feet of movement. But you want to know instantly the situation of all other trees which are having an equivalent quite 500 feet.

The conjuration version of tree stride allowed the caster to remain hidden inside one or more trees for variety of hours capable the most number of trees that would be traversed, Whereas the alteration version only lasted for as many minutes because the maximum number of trees. After the spell expired, the caster was ejected from the tree he or she currently occupied. The spell also terminated upon stepping out of any tree, and like plant door, if the tree being occupied was hamper or burned, the caster would also die unless egress was made before the method was complete.

The part you’ve got wont to enter into a tree may either pass into one among those trees or may exit of them that you simply are in. you’ll appear within the spot of your choice within the destination tree which has 5feet distance by using another 5 feet of your movement.

You would appear within 5 feet of the tree which you’ve got appeared during a spot of your tree once you haven’t any movements. you would like to finish each of your turn outside a tree by using the transportation ability once per round for a specific duration.

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