Triton 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

Tritons are aquatic humanoids. They stay in deep components of the ocean, a long way away from the prying eyes of floor dwellers. In fact, most Tritons have by no means ventured as far as the surface, making them ignorant to the customs of the world above, inflicting them to come throughout as rude. This ocean-folk is kind-hearted and compassionate, defending all those that name the sea their home. If the Material Plane is ever threatened, Tritons have been recognized to surface, combat alongside, and defend the inhabitants of the floor world.

The Race of Triton 5e (5th Edition) for D&D

Triton 5e

Unlike merfolk, tritons aren’t from the fabric plane. They had been firstly denizens of the airplane of water, the place they battled krakens and sahuagin and different darkish horrors of the deep. In the far away from previous many of these horrors snuck into the cloth airplane via deep-sea portals. The noble tritons traveled via to our world and constructed their deep cities at these portals, defending them in opposition to any different threats that would invade our world.

Triton 5e Statistics

  • Race Name : Triton
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Size: MediumAlignment Usually Lawful good

Triton General Information

  • Favored: Climate Temperate
  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Language’s: Aquan, Common, Primordial
  • Average Lifespan: 200 years
  • Favored: Terrain Aquatic

Triton Appearance

  • Hairstyles: Deep blue, green-blue
  • Average Height: 5 ft (1.52 m)
  • Skin Color: Silver, silver-blue


All of this sounds very selfless and noble due to the fact it was, however, that has additionally long passed to their heads. Tritons have a tendency to be very entitled; they agree with they are the protectors of the sea and deserve respect. While this haughty mindset is truly justified, it can nonetheless be unbearably annoying. Tritons commonly spend their lives deep in the ocean and do not often apprehend the complicated cultures or politics they stumble upon on the surface. This can vary from laughable misunderstandings to the belittlement of “barbaric floor customs”.

Even if they’re regularly self-absorbed, they can nevertheless be selfless. Tritons will battle and die for others except for hesitation. Most tritons experience a kind of ancestral guilt for permitting krakens and different hazardous creatures to break out into the fabric plane, and they experience it’s their debt to repay. At their best, tritons are heroes, champions of righteousness, and selfless slayers of evil. At their worst tritons are boastful blowhards who continuously underestimate each of their buddies and their enemies.

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Tritons have blue or silvery-blue pores and skin and deep blue or blue-green hair. They typically have fins and crests alongside their arms, legs, and now and again their heads. Basically, you’ve acquired free reign to redecorate these fins on the other hand you’d like, huge flowing fins and brief hydrodynamic sporty fins are all honest game. They’re commonly dressed in mild garb or armor made for ease of motion from oceanic materials. Also, experience free-to-go ham with shell armor and little mermaid fashion clam clothing. If you’ve considered it in a mermaid illustration, you can probably make it work here.

The responsibility to guard is changed with curiosity and tension. Tritons on Theros are truly curious about existence above the waves, and the many surface-world wonders regularly tempt them onto dry land. They frequently turn out to be specifically involved in precise fields of study and discover the floor with scientific vigor. They additionally sense a sure possession over the ocean and many tritons see human fishing and journey as an intrusion into their territory. The conflict between the tritons and the floor dwellers flare up regularly, even though no longer all tritons share this animosity.

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