True strike 5e (5th Edition)

True Strike weapon is now not a +20 weapon as it does now not add to the damage, nor does it overcome any injury reduction. So costing it as a +20 bonus weapon is unreasonable, and even at half, +10, is nevertheless overpriced.

  • Level: (Divination Cantrip)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: S
  • Range(area): 30 feet
  • Attack(save): None
  • Damage(effect): Foreknowledge
  • School: Divination
  • Duration: 1 Round

True Strike nevertheless lets in a omit danger whilst different 1st-degree spells effects, such as Burning Hands or Magic Missile, warranty hit and injury at no immoderate price when crafting magic objects nor requiring a 2nd spherical to use. So is no longer overpowered at all when judging with the aid of impact instead of the numerical approach of delivery.


True Strike 5e

As a section of the motion used to forged this spell, you should make a melee assault with a weapon in opposition to one creature inside the spell’s range, in any other case the spell fails. You have benefit for the assault role of this melee attack.

The bow of True Arrows makes use of a spell set off for recreation balance, limiting the wielder to 1 assault per two rounds when the usage of the True Strike effect, identical as casting the spell. In practice, this is very balanced considering the fact that giving up a whole spherical of assaults is no longer well worth the close to assured single hit barring for uncommon circumstances.

You prolong your hand and factor a finger at a goal in range. Your magic provides you a quick perception of the target’s defenses. On your subsequent turn, you achieve a benefit on your first assault roll in opposition to the target, supplied that this spell hasn’t ended.


  • What perception does True Strike grant?

True Strike does no longer supply any lasting insight

  • Does True Strike cease earlier than it is useful?

The impact itself does no longer take vicinity till your subsequent flip as noted in the spell textual content proper.

  • Is this homebrew variant of True Strike too robust to be a cantrip?

This is too vulnerable to be a cantrip

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