Ultimate potion cost list for DND 5G

 Potions are the classic magical consumable alchemical concoctions that are effectively spelled in a bottle and it is taken an action to drink and be storing the effects of their own personal spell Caster. Dungeons and Dragons offer optional sets of rules for crafting magic items which include brewing potion.

Ultimate potion cost list for DND 5G

The Dungeon master guide’s optional rules for potion brewing are designed in a simple way based on the rarity of the desired item and the cost is incurred which represents the materials used in the brewing process. Bring the potion will occur in 25gp increments and with each increment the last one will work up to 8 hours per day. Thus a potion to brew with the creation cost of 50gp has to be spent for two working days. Additionally, the character will meet certain level requirements when the creation cost is halved for consumables like potions and the table will be reflected as mentioned below

Item Rarity Creation cost Minimum level
Common rarity 50gp 3rd level
Uncommon rarity 250gp 3rd level
Rare process 2500gp 6th level
Very rare process 25000gp 11th level
Legendary process 250000gp 17th level

Here when the system makes a particular sense in the world with the magical items precious and rare practical forms are created for most of the players. Crafting with a very rare optional player would take more than 3 years of downtime and crafting a legendary potion will be something that can be only used once ever which would take almost for about 3 decades. Here the other players can assist by contributing to the total creation cost whereas it is difficult at a high level. Here multiple 17th levels of wizards are capable of casting a particular spell which may be very difficult as per personal experience.

Other 5e spells

DnD is basically a storytelling game and here the spell items are crafted for a campaign to use them. Multiple potions are basically spelled in a bottle in which the potion of water breathing is a potion of clairvoyance. Here any spell that affects the creature is a good candidate to become a potion with this sum of the spells can be turned into magical poisons. Some twist of the potion of mind is introduced to control the draught which is one drunk and in the magical spells the drinker as per the dominant spells. While being a simple spell replacement the players would have a trick to deceive other into a drinking potion and by adding the extra element of role by playing into the simple mechanics of potions.


Potions will provide a useful receptacle for bizarre magic and it is a consumable process it is one of the greatest ways to play the potential spells where you can add some spice to the magic of your world. It is one of the easy ways to overlook item type in DnD 5e and there are a lot of excellent potions which is a great way to experiment.

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