Unarmed Strike 5e – Put Your Dukes Up!

An unarmed strike is an attack that doesn’t require a weapon to be used. These attacks are usually called jabs and can be delivered in a number of ways by the characters, such as punching, kicking, or headbutting.

Unarmed Strike 5e

Anybody can learn to use these strikes with minimal training or experience. The unarmed strikes you can choose from range from light to heavy blows depending on how much force and momentum you want to put into the attack, so it is important for players who are new to this concept to read the mechanics below before using them in combat.

When should I use an Unarmed Strike 5e?

Some classes have special properties that make them better suited for using unarmed weapons like monks or rogues. Monks have the ability to do damage several times their unarmed strike level. Rogues can always take a sneak attack even when not using a weapon. Entertainers such as bards and sorcerers can use their singing and spells to demoralize their opponents with debilitating music or magic while they strike.

The point of an unarmed strike is to be able to hit your adversaries before they hit you. However, it should only be used at the beginning of combat or as a last-ditch effort against an opponent who might already have you in his grips. When you are planning on making an unarmed strike in your combat encounter, imagine how strong you would be if no weapon were involved. Plan your strategy at least a round ahead of time so you don’t get caught off guard if the encounter changes.

How do I use an Unarmed Strike 5e?

To make an unarmed strike, you must first attack a target with an unarmed strike by making an attack roll. An unarmed strike can be any punch, kick, headbutt, or similar move that doesn’t involve weapons or magic. When making a melee attack on your turn, it is important to note that this type of attack is considered a secondary attack and therefore won’t have the ability to be used with any spells or class abilities that require a primary weapon or bow equipped.

You must be within the first range increment of your target to do unarmed damage. This means that if you are using a one-handed weapon, you can’t attack a target that is 4 or more feet away from you. If you are using a two-handed weapon, the maximum distance is 6 feet. If your character is fighting with any other weapon than an unarmed strike, the maximum distance for ranged weapons remains at 10 feet and two-handed melee weapons at 5 feet.

An unarmed strike 5e does not grant any magical bonuses to hit or damage as it doesn’t have finesse nor strength bonuses associated with it. After making your attack roll, if you are successful and the target is still within 10 feet of you, you may make another attack against that same target. If there is a different creature within an equal distance of this second target, then the process repeats on that third target.

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