Water Walk 5e (5th Edition)

Water Walk 5e spell grants the power to move across any liquid surface – like water, acid, mud, snow, quicksand, or lava – as if it were harmless land (creatures crossing molten lava can still take damage from the heat). Up to 10 willing creatures you’ll see within range gain this ability for the Duration.

If your target a creature submerged during a liquid, the spell carries the target to the surface of the liquid at a rate of 60 feet per round. The transmuted creatures can step on any liquid as if it were firm ground. Mud, oil, snow, quicksand, running water, ice, and even lava are often traversed easily since the subjects’ feet hover an in. or two above the surface. (Creatures crossing molten lava still take damage from the warmth because they’re near it.) The themes can walk, run, charge, or otherwise move across the surface as if it were normal ground.

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There are some FAQ

Q1: Can we voluntarily go underwater if I even have Water Walk sew us?

Ans: Yes you’ll voluntarily go underwater

Q2: Does Water Walk include ice as a terrain it affects?

Ans: The rule clearly states that the effect applies to “any liquid surface”, giving “water” as an example. Ice could also be a “solid substance produced by the freezing of water vapor or liquid water”. it isn’t a liquid. The rule doesn’t apply to ice.

Q3: How much damage would you’re taking by water walking on Lava in D&D 5E?

Ans: You are walking on a number of the most well-liked material in nature. it’s so hot that it can burn your handoff during a fraction of a combat round.

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