Whip 5e

It’s been a moment since my last homebrew post on here, so I figured for my birthday and therefore the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today I’d make a replacement batch of homebrew to tackle one among the most important problems in D&D 5e. The problem? Whips being practically useless in their current state!

It’s a travesty that I cannot make a personality within the likeness of Simon Belmont without feeling just like the whip is that the least powerful a part of the character. Seriously, his handaxes would have a better range and deal more damage.

Whip 5e


Whip 5e

  • Category: Items
  • Damage: 1d4
  • Damage Type: Slashing
  • Item Rarity: Standard
  • Properties: Finesse, Reach
  • Weight: 3

Whips in their current state are a problem even outside of roleplaying everyone’s favorite vampire-slaying family. many other famous characters use whips and appearance slick as hell doing so. You’ve got Indiana Jones, Catwoman, and most significantly, Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider.

As-is a whip is essentially just a dagger that deals slashing damage and features a 10 ft. reach. However, it’s actually a touch worse than a dagger since you’ll throw one 20/60 ft. So a dagger theoretically deals equivalent damage, also has the finesse property, and features a longer range than the whip.

It says theoretically because the action economy does inherit play here. For any melee character with the additional attack, a whip does pull-ahead at the end of the day. this is often because you’ll only draw/stow numerous daggers per turn, whereas the whip you’ll keep using without having to stress about drawing/stowing a replacement weapon.

But with that being said, equivalent classes with an additional attack that might enjoy using the whip overthrowing daggers even have access to way better weapons. If you would like a reach weapon you’ll use a glaive and if you would like a one-handed finesse weapon you’ll use a rapier.

Sure it’s a one-handed reach weapon, but quite frankly the advantages of the whip don’t outweigh the advantages of most of the opposite weapons you’ll pick from as a martial front-line character.

However, whips aren’t poorly-balanced. They’re a one-handed finesse weapon with reach. Only dealing 1d4 damage in exchange for those properties is fair. The matter is that it’s a distinct segment weapon without a distinct segment.

The whip wouldn’t replace a dagger for rogues either. First of all, whips aren’t light weapons. This limits them as an off-hand weapon choice whereas daggers would still be of use there. Daggers are also ready to become thrown weapons during a pinch. Both weapons keep their identity and usefulness during a rogue’s arsenal.

Whips are fun, flavorful, and iconic weapons. It’s a shame that they’re so mechanically lacking in D&D 5e. As-is they’re just daggers that have reach. Hilariously though, you’d be happier wielding a dagger since it’s a 20 ft. thrown range compared to the whip’s 10 ft. reach.

One of the most important issues is that a rogue would be great with a whip but they can’t use one since they lack proficiency with whips. Giving rogues the power to use whips gives the weapon a distinct segment without changing anything mechanically.

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